When you are coming to Ireland or going away there are 2 basic options by air or by  sea. It is very likely that Air Lingus and Ryan Air will have the best prices  if they fly from the country of your departure.

 The best way to find out what airlines come to Ireland is to check some of the airports on the island.

Nowadays you can find real bargains as air transportation is much cheaper than it has ever been before. It is noteworthy that the price range can be huge from one airline to another  even if you are departing from the same city. So make sure to shop around before committing.

By ferry is the second  option to come to Ireland. A few  big ferry companies compete with each other so do compare their prices in case you wish to travel by ferry. They come and go to different directions such as the United Kingdom, France and Spain. My first tip is  Irish Ferries the second one is Stena Line and the third one is Norfolkline. Of course there are others as well depending on where you are coming from. The following site will give you all the choices should you care to follow the link: .

Naturally ferries do carry cars and buses thus you can come from any direction on a bus or you can bring your own car. The price for bringing your own car is fairly reasonable and especially  if you are not travelling alone it beats the airfare price. You can also come by bus (for instance by Eurolines) from many countries if that is your preference.

 Once you are in the country the best transportation is by car. (Except Dublin city as there you should better stick to public transportation).  Quite a few rental companies would be more than happy to rent you a car if you do not want to bring your own. They can be very busy in the summer moths and  booking in advance is a good idea.  Bear in mind however that in Ireland just like in the UK or Australia driving is on the left hand side of the road. Some people are discouraged by this fact but in general it only takes a few hours to get used to being on the other side of the road. If you are an EU citizen your license is the same as if you had an Irish one but if you come from another country you have to have an International Driving License.

All cars on Irish roads must be covered by insurance so before bringing your own do make sure you are covered in Ireland.

Another way to get around is by taxi but probably this is not the cheapest way. It is a good idea to get a quote first for your travel and then take up the offer.

In and around Dublin you may consider travelling by Dublin Bus as they do cover Dublin and some of the surrounding counties. It is probably the most inexpensive way to travel in and around the capital. You can pay for a single fare (just make sure you have coins on you as no change is given) or there is the option of buying prepaid tickets. You can buy tickets for a single fare, a whole day, 3 days, a week etc. . It is a curious local custom that you have to waive the bus when it is approaching to indicate that you intend to get on. Otherwise it will not stop.

Besides Dublin Bus your second choice for buses is Bus Eireann which covers the whole country. Moreover all the airports and ferry ports do tell you what sort of bus transportation is available once you are there.

A third choice for transportation is by dart or train. The dart is the Irish Rail around Dublin. Irish Rail covers the whole country and offers very good bargains for travelling.  Similarly to the bus tickets you can buy tickets for a single fare, a day, a family, 3 days, a week etc. Keep up to date by visiting their web site. Planning ahead could save you a lot of money.

An additional way of transport in and around Dublin is by Luas . It is a sort of local tram. It doesn't cover a huge area but it is pretty fast and reliable.

 As a rule of thumb in the peak hours meaning Monday to Friday from 8-5 the best way of transport around the capital  is the rail system as it has less chances for being jammed in the traffic.

Planning the means of transport in advance can have other benefits as well as very often ferry and rail ticket can be combined for a discount. Sometimes bus and train tickets can be combined in form of passes. For the most up to date information and offers you must check with the train and bus companies. There are some special deals for travelling in Northern Ireland such as the Freedom of Northern Ireland Pass which gives  unlimited travel for buses and trains in Northern Ireland. The terms and conditions need to be checked as they can change from one year to another. Translink will provide all the information necessary to plan a trip.



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