Free Ecards

From time during the excitement of travelling we forget to send a postcard to the loved ones from a given location.  Also even if it is on our mind sometimes it is hard to find the right  postcard and then to find stamps and post it. The next best thing to a postcard is to send  ecards. Of course there are many adavantages such as instant delivery, no cost, a much bigger choice and even the possibility to use your own photos.


All you have to do to send a free ecard is to click on the ecard below and and:

 1. click on photos on the left and then  pick the  picture you like (alternatively you can upload your own but it has to be no bigger than 200kb and the size 500x400 pixels) then click on the blue arrow pointing right. 

  2. Customize the colour of the background and letters according to the seven criteria provided then click on the arrow pointing right again.             

3. Once again you can customize the card based an several different criterias if you wish. (the ecards are generated on the following page and the picture you find there is just and example). Then click on the blue arrow pointing to the right again.                                                 

 4. On the following page click on the cogwheels to generate your own ecard.             

5. To send the card simply click on the card and fill in the email details (alternatively you can download it to your computer and send it from your own server).

Sample ecard