Cead Mille Failte - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes


Ireland is full of magic and no matter how long you are staying it is likely you will return home with some unforgettable experience. The most exciting part is that despite being a small island the landscape is extremely varied. All around Ireland there are spotless beaches and majestic cliffs. Other places are flat or present a variety of mountains and lakes. The aim of this web site is to share some of the beauty this island has to offer. Think of it as a glimpse into Ireland's eyes. It is your guide to travelling and living in Ireland.

Ireland is part of the European Union and for many years it had one of the most dynamic economies. Nicknamed the Celtic Tiger the growth seemed to be unstoppable as more and more companies set up their base here due to the low corporate rate. Also a well trained workforce that spoke English was very appealing to multinational companies.

During the boom years lots of hotels were built and in general the infrastructure for the tourism industry was created that matches some of the best destinations in the world.








the land of the rainbows

Few people think about it but Ireland could easily be nicknamed the land of the rainbows. There is a lot of rain followed by sunshine which produce the most beautiful rainbows you can find on the planet.